Made with modules

Here are examples of the modules that have been designed and fine-tuned over two years of development from engineers and architects.

Each module is perfectly resolved for its function – the clever bit is when they are put together with other modules, they form a seamless designed house.

It is as easy to assemble the modules on your site as it is to disassemble them in future, if you wish to recover your investment by onselling your Te Whare-iti in a secondary market.

Service module (18m2)

Every Te Whare-iti has a service module. It contains the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry.

Multi-use module (14m2)

This space is normally a living space, but because of its separating doors, it can double as guest accommodation or home office.

Porch module

The porch module is the standard sheltered entrance, attached to the multi-use module.

Bedroom modules

One feature of the smart design of Te Whare-iti is the possibility of expanding the house by adding additional bedrooms using a dividing hallway wall (as shown in the small bedroom module).


Small bedroom

We use link modules to expand a Te Whare-iti in any direction and to fit unusually shaped sites.

Sun-space module

A sun-space module can be added to the long side of your Te Whare-iti, to take advantage of the sun and views. It can be an entrance-way and an additional dining or sitting space. If it faces north, it’s possible to include the extra design option for passive solar floor, using thermal mass blocks.